Sunday, 18 December 2016

Exploit Offencive Security


What do you think about exploit?

Exploit a term of direct use of resource! A thread of program to have direct benefit of resource. In offense of security of a program or software which have a dynamic or uncontrollable flaw can be exploit, which give a term of resource access by unidentified program.

Exploit is a piece of code which can not be detected by security program, It behave with program like there own code. These code or program have there flaw to work. Exploit is just use that flaw to fit and access what is its program for. Right now there is widely used programming languages for both web or non web programs like C, Dot Net(.Net), php, asp, java, html, xml etc. 

Is programming language is secure from exploit?

Exploit is not ask for programming language, It just depend on programmer. Program which use dynamic flaw can be exploited, there is no exception in programming language. Because today most program are used for dynamic concept where program take input on run time or want changes in there program as without following all process from the start. 

Note :
If you are a beginner and you don't know the dynamic concept than you may not understand about exploit and security.

What exploit can do?

Exploit is just a word or command which is not need to ask for permission. So exploit term itself is offensive to use. For security reason you should have known the program and its language to check if your program can be exploit or not. 

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