Wednesday, 21 December 2016

CVE Reports A Vulnerability Detection

CVE reports is publicly identified types of vulnerability found in systems and internet. These vulnerability found in system are categorized in different different topics, these topics have lots of method to found in one of many systems, software and web applications. This method is what can be identified uniquely.

CVE reports are publicly available and can be found by CVE code like "CVE IDs," "CVE entries," "CVE names," "CVE numbers," and "CVEs" which is from four or more numbers. These numbers are unique and commonly identified anywhere in the internet. As cyber security vulnerabilities, it is identified like "CVE-1999-0067", "CVE-2000-1205", "CVE-2016-1234".

CVE is used from 1999 on that time there is no easy way identification to find out if the vulnerability are same or not based on the different status of reports found in local servers or in personal used database. This result in many problems like differences between id numbers found in different database.


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